Leaf Safe Gutters

Leaf Safe Gutters®

A top quality Colorbond® product that
supersedes gutter guard mesh

The innovative product prevents leaves, debris and vermin from entering the gutter reduces the risk of leaves gathering under the roof space.

Leaf Safe Gutters® plays a critical role in properties located in bushfire prone areas.

Gutter guards are not maintenance free. They require ongoing cleaning to remove the build-up that sits on top of the gutter guard.

No maintenance is required with Leaf Safe Gutters®

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How does Leaf Safe Gutters® work?​

The Leaf Safe Gutters® system sits below the outer edge of the roof and attaches to the gutter. The sloping lid prevents leaves, debris and vermin falling into the gutter. As it is a surface tension system, rainwater flows over the edge of the capping and into the perforated louvres. The louvres are exposed to sunlight which discourages the growth of fungus in the trough, making it ideal for rainwater tanks. Our product is made from Colorbond® steel and is available in all colours.


  • No gathering of leaves and debris reducing high risk of fire to the roof space
  • No need to climb ladders for cleaning
  • Ideal for rainwater tanks as there is no build-up of fungus in the water catchment
  • Fully enclosed Colorbond® system available in all colours
  • Easy to install
  • Proudly South Australian owned and manufactured

Why choose Leaf Safe Gutters®?

Designed by award winning Richard Waddington with safety and efficiency in mind. The design ensures safety from hazards, particularly in bushfire areas. As no cleaning is required it saves money and time. It’s perfect for landlords!
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